Atomic Bands

Dual motion sensor gaming bands

Patented by Rosa Mei, Atomic Bands™ are a bluetooth gaming wearable which tracks complex gestures in real time and offer full-body, high intensity workouts. Affordable, portable and mobile friendly.

Revolutionizing the future of fitness gaming...

Atomic Bands provide engaging gaming experience that also teach users real skills, by utilizing Bluetooth connectivity to any smartphone, PC or Mac for a seamless user experience... real time gesture recognition and skeletal detection of single or mulitple players without the need for awkwardly placed RGB cameras or infrared detectors..

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Augment your reality!

Atomic Bands are a pair of wearables, worn on the wrists or ankles, that aim to accurately approximate full skeletal body tracking. They have haptic feedback, OLED displays and LED lighting to give a variety of feedback points as part of dance, martial arts and fitness focused gameplay. These smart bluetooth gaming devices offer new options for Augmented Reality gaming. No camera, console or remote control needed. Single or multiplayer options. Make fitness FUN! .

Atomic Bands

Atomic Bands were chosen as one of the Top New Gadgets of CES 2017 (CNET, BBC Science, 2one5 and NewsHacker). "You can learn those sick dance moves that have always been on your bucket list or create things in an AR 3D world with the simplest gestures with advanced real-time motion tracking and pattern recognition." - 2one5, Best of CES